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With a customized plan and support, you’ll calm your business chaos and accelerate your growth, your way

Following our 10-step proprietary roadmapping process, you’ll go from constantly putting out fires to confidently making business decisions that serve your highest good.


When you work with 7 Point Trends, Inc., you get:

Executive-level experience and strategic leadership without the steep salary

A high-touch, tailored experience specific to your vision

The confidence to know exactly what to do next to reach your goals

A clear roadmap for how to move forward and never look back

Support from planning through implementation

Vent your business frustrations and learn how we can help you fix them.

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Check out the Options of how WE can work together!

A. Clarity Sessions - Discover and identify your deepest and truest wants and desires for your life and your business.


Outcomes: A clear outlook and a basic strategic direction for your business.


3-4 hours (3-4 hourly sessions)


Ranges from $1,500 - $2,000 (CAD)


B. Strategic Plan - Discover and identify your deepest and truest wants and desires for your life and your business. Plus, create a plan so that you can achieve your goals faster and easier. An assessment of what's working and what's not working will be provided. Your biggest obstacles will be identified for removal, step by step.


Outcomes: A step by step easy to follow plan to take the guesswork out of your day to day operations.


6 week intensive


Ranges from $6,000 - $8,000 (CAD)


C. Org. Chart - Discover who you will need to hire to help you implement your company plan. Roles and responsibilities for each person (including you) will be identified now and for the desired future.


Outcomes: A current state and future state organizational chart to move your business forward. Stop doing all the work and start managing your business so that you and your company can grow or change in the way you want.


Ranges from $2, 500 - $3,000 (CAD)

D. Fractional COO - (not a cook or kook!, but a Chief Operations Officer!) - If you're looking for operational efficiencies and you need some heavy lifting in your company, let's talk about how I can help you. I can assess your unique situation and recommend changes so that you can instantly remove your business bottlenecks and achieve the results you want (less effort and more you name it).

Cost to be negotiated.


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We provide Custom Strategic Business Management Consulting.

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