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You've been in business long enough to know what's working and what's not...

But how do you FIX what’s NOT?

How do you:

  • Stop working 12- to 14-hour days 6 to 7 days a week but still produce incredible results and improve your bottom line?
  • Build a dream support team so you can spend your time managing the work and stop doing all the work.
  • Create a clear plan for growth, including performance measures, success targets, and hiring plan, plus the tangible steps to get there.

Good news: it can be done.

Even better news: you’ve found the ideal starting line

7 Points Trends, Inc. is a strategic thinking and planning firm specializing in custom growth roadmaps and implementation. We work with small- to medium-sized businesses ready to stop drowning in the day-to-day and start having fun running a business that doesn’t run you.

“2 words to describe this process: easy and pain-free.”

Working with Janet through the strategic roadmapping process has brought our frustration level way down and given us some tangible, achievable goals to focus on. As a result, we have a whole new perspective on our business.

Melanie Smith + Cassandra Boone, SmithBrownlee & Assoc. Inc.

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Our guiding lights

as we guide you to success


Business owners have complete clarity to reach their goals with fun and ease.


Equip business owners with a custom strategy that guides them step-by-step to their ultimate success.

The values we live by:

Integrity > Yep, karma’s real, but it’s not the only reason we do everything with honesty in mind.

Reliability > Think of us as your Commander Spock or Captain Kirk, always performing consistently, serving in the highest good, to the highest standards.

Patience > Roadblocks have got nothin’ on us. (But doing your homework does keep the process going)

Practical > Everything we do is actionable and achievable—no pie in the sky plans or theoretical strategies.

Enjoyment > If you’re not enjoying the journey, it’s time to plan a new trip.

Simple > Not to be confused with oversimplified, but instead: streamlined

Click to book a zero pressure, 30-minute call

I’m Janet Sawatsky, 

Founder and CEO of 7 Point Trends, Inc.

I’m just going to say it: I love data. It’s the starting point for all measurable and meaningful change.

So when I got laid off after 15 years as an internal municipal government business strategist, I knew exactly what I needed to do next.

The data showed I was really good at getting to the heart of what’s working in a business, what’s not, and — most importantly — exactly how to do things better.

In essence: I can see the steps you need to take to achieve fast results and intentional growth.

When you work with me, I help you get on track to realize your vision faster. We identify your goals, make them tangible, then create and implement a plan to get you there.

Click to book a zero pressure, 30-minute call

Strategy is about change - if you don’t want to change

anything then you don’t need a strategy.

Hi there!

I’m Janet Sawatsky:

Business Strategist and Changemaker
Sociologist and Researcher
Strategic Problem-Solver
Conscious Parent

I’m here to listen to YOU and YOUR business needs!

AND get you from A to B.

Do you want to:

STOP doing the work and START managing the work?

PICK the work you LOVE to do and delegate the rest?

FOCUS on making committed decisions, grow your company and still get paid?

Let’s work together.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU Want to Make Changes

YOU are a Business Owner and your TEAM is 10 employees or less

YOU are a TEAM Leader and want to make changes to the way you are working together and delivering results

YOU Run an Organization (for profit or not-for-profit) and you need help with your Strategic Plan

WHY? So YOU can do the things you want to do….

 🥰 Spend more time with family and friends

🏆 Enjoy sports or other hobbies

⛱️ Relax, travel or take more vacations

🪂 Exit from your business, keep getting paid and get it running without you!

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