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MORE About Janet

Janet Sawatsky has a BA Honours degree and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Calgary. She worked in Municipal Government at the executive level as a Business Strategist, Advisor, Researcher and Internal Consultant for 15 years, and worked with various operations throughout the organization including, Finance, IT, HR, Marketing and Communications, Supply and Asset Management, Calgary Fire Department, 9-1-1 Operations, Emergency Medical Services, 3-1-1 Operations, Parks, Recreation, Corporate Services, the City Manager’s Office, the Chief Financial Officer’s Department and Community Neighbourhoods. Janet has also worked with not-for-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions and other government agencies.

For the past five years, Janet has found working with business owners and entrepreneurs extremely rewarding. In particular, she enjoys working with, helping and supporting women-owned small businesses (with less than 10 employees). She enjoys helping business owners create a customized action plan so that they can achieve their goals. Janet’s gifts include strategic problem solving, relationship building and bringing a new perspective to any situation. Her experience and background make working with Janet a joy. She is professional, friendly and has a great sense of humour.

MORE About 7 Point Trends Inc.

7 Point Trends is a strategic thinking and planning company where we help business owners create a customized action plan and organizational chart to achieve their goals. Janet Sawatsky is the Founder and CEO of 7 Point Trends, and created the company in 2017. We help business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations and not-for-profits create a customized Company Strategy and Organizational Chart. The Company Strategy includes creating your company Values, your Vision, Mission, a review of the Key Result Areas (business functions), identifying Key Results (desired outcomes) and Performance Measures. We also create an existing Organizational Chart, as well as, a future state organizational chart with roles and responsibilities so that you know who to hire to help you achieve your desired results. After the planning, we create a visual so that you can communicate your plan and organizational chart to your employees, clients, consultants and contractors.

Let us help YOU, Get Your Plan Out of Your HEAD and into a format where YOU can take action!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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