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Let's grow your business with calm, confidence, and ease

We offer Strategic Business Management Consulting Services

Our Services



We will facilitate the discussion and create for you, your Vision, Mission and Values for your company to communicate your unique vision for your company, define your purpose and declare your values so that you can communicate WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHERE you are going, with WHOM and WHY.


Strategic Direction

We will facilitate the process and create for you, your Business Design and Structure, by identifying your GOALS, RESULTS and METRICS to align and communicate to your team. Increase organization, work flow, productivity and profits.


Organizational Chart

Create your current state and future state org. chart that identifies roles and responsibilities so that everyone, including YOU, knows who is doing what when and why. Work in your zones of genius and increase job satisfaction and productivity. Create the desired culture to increase mental health and profits.

Tell us about your business needs and we will create a plan for you to meet your business goals.

Take the QUIZ here:

Identify your bottlenecks, 

power up your profit.

Discover where to focus your time and energy to make the most efficient and impactful business decisions for high performance and ROI.

Without having to sit through another boring meeting or learning another complicated process, and even if you hate planning.

“We’re finally getting our time back.”

“Janet was the fresh eyes and genius roadmapping help we needed to be able to grow our business intentionally and stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We have a plan that’s broken into manageable pieces and goals we’re confident we can reach.”

Melanie Smith + Cassandra Boone, SmithBrownlee & Assoc. Inc

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Special Events

June 6, 2024 - Speaking in Calgary, BMO, MMB Wealth - Women's Mental Wellness: Business in Focus

June 7, 2024 - Speaking in Calgary, Womanition's BizBrigade, Missed Opportunities

Create Intentional Success

You’re making money, but you’re not truly growing. We’ll help you go from accidental wins to planned successes you can bank on every time.

Reclaim Your Time

Imagine enjoying a weekday afternoon golf game or taking Fridays off. As CEO, your time shouldn’t be spent bookkeeping, babysitting, or tackling tech issues. We’ll get you there.

Click to book a zero pressure, 

30-minute call

Make Smart Hires

Hiring can be stressful when you’re guessing which roles to fill next. We’ll map out the positions you need to hire in your business and when.

Hi! I’m Janet.

Founder and CEO of 7 Point Trends, Inc., sociologist, data junkie, classical music lover.

And not your typical strategic planner.

I’m a changemaker — here to pull your company vision out of your head and make it possible for you to achieve real results.

As a change management expert, I know that unless you take time to think about your long-term vision, talk about it, write it down, and then map the steps to solve the most important problems first — you’ll stay stuck.

Stuck in overwhelm. Overworking your way towards health issues, burnout, and a failed business.

Ready to finally start enjoying this journey while still increasing revenue?

Frustrated because you’ve got big ideas and goals for your business, but they always end up on the backburner?

If you’ve previously hired someone to create a strategic plan that’s now buried on your Google drive

If you’re afraid to say “no” to work even when it’s not ideal, or you know you don’t have capacity

If you’ve hired staff or contractors to ease the load only to create a management nightmare

It’s time for a new approach.

It’s time to stop simply planning strategically and start thinking strategically too.

It’s time to build a living, breathing roadmap that moves you step-by-step – in bite-sized chunks – from here to where you want to be — whether that’s complete financial freedom, increased capacity for ideal clients, greater visibility, or all of the above.

Click to book a zero pressure, 30-minute call

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